Greenify with Apple Cider Vinegar

Pros and Cons of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar have lots of usages which include cooking, preserving foods, cleaning, and have remarkable health benefits. But this doesn’t eliminate the fact that ACV is still acid. If consumed inappropriately, it can cause harm to our bodies.

Apple cider vinegar has a very long history as a home remedy. Not just because of its sustainability, but also because of its impressive uses and benefits. Not to mention that apple cider vinegar is also eco-friendly and produces a low carbon footprint.

But before adding this to your green lifestyle, you might want to consider its pros and cons first.

What Is the Difference Between Apple Cider and Apple Juice?

Apple Cider is a raw apple juice that has not undergo a filtration process. It is made by fermenting the sugar from raw apples turning it into alcohol. Bacteria are then added to alcohol which result turns into acetic acid – the main ingredient of vinegar.

On the other hand, apple juice is a raw apple juice that undergoes the filtration process to remove pulps and then pasteurized them to help keep its sustainability and freshness.

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What is Apple Cider Vinegar Used for?

Apple cider vinegar has lots of use which includes cooking, preserving foods, cleaning, and even for your beauty routine. It also has remarkable health benefits.

Though research doesn’t support some of these claims, some studies found that the acetic acid in apple cider vinegar does help in some respects.

Here are 10 ways to use apple cider vinegar:

  1. Helps in lowering blood sugar
  2. Great aid for weight loss
  3. Home remedy for sore throat
  4. Very effective food preservative
  5. Dressing for your salad
  6. As a marinade
  7. Can be used as a deodorizer
  8. An all-purpose cleaner
  9. Trap for fruit flies
  10. For dandruff treatment

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The Dangers of Apple Cider Vinegar

Despite having lots of remarkable benefits, apple cider vinegar is still an acid and when not consumed properly, it could harm your body.

Check out below the 4 dangers you can get from drinking apple cider vinegar inappropriately:

  1. Drinking straight, undiluted apple cider vinegar may cause burns to the soft tissue of the mouth and esophagus and can lead to tooth erosion.
  2. It may cause nausea and other gastrointestinal diseases. That’s why people with sensitive stomachs are not advised to drink apple cider vinegar.
  3. Too much apple cider vinegar consumption can result in having low potassium and bone disease like osteoporosis.
  4. Some medications might interact with apple cider vinegar — most especially those potassium-lowering medications.

If you think apple cider vinegar would still be beneficial for you, make sure to drink it appropriately. With the right amount and right preparation to ensure your sustainable living and safety.


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