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Climate Convenant

The Knights of the Climate Covenant is a non-violent group of people who understand that changes need to be made in terms of how the world works, fast, and we’re doing whatever we can, wherever we can and whatever we can to make a difference.

Our abilities to force or model change vary, but one thing is consistent – we understand this struggle is about nothing short of the viability of our species. We need Earth to survive, but Earth doesn’t need us.

Getting knighted costs nothing, there are no additional obligations and there will never be any pressure. We appreciate support through purchases of Knights gear or financial donations – proceeds go toward amplifying messaging from our partners and climate-change-focused organizations, news outlets and blogs – but neither are required to join our Round Table.

The only requirement is to agree to (and sign if possible) The Climate Covenant, a simple promise to do what is in our power and within reason to address climate change. We also have seven purposes, which are listed on the homepage of our website.

More than anything, we’re a community of conscientious people working separately and together to ensure we, our kids, our grandkids, and their kids have a viable future on this planet.

Please join us!

A Knight. Just Like You.

Martin C. Fredricks IV, a regular guy from Fargo, N.D. USA who has been talking about global warming and climate change for about 30 years, launched the Knights of the Climate Covenant on Earth Day 2021 to give other regular people the ability to identify as climate activist without breaking their bank accounts or becoming hardcore protesters. Don’t get us wrong – hardcore marchers and protesters are more than welcome – we just understand that’s not possible for everyone. And the fact is, anyone and everyone can – and should – be a Knight of the Climate Covenant. Our future depends on it.

Climate Convenant
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