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Go Green with At-Home Wellness

Take a Sustainable Step to a New You

It seems so intimidating to go green and start an at-home wellness routine! After all, time & money are precious resources, and participating in something new might be adding more stress…

This is how I used to think for most of my life. I struggled with severe stomach, skin, and allergy issues. In addition to antibiotics, I took a daily dose of two prescription allergy medicines. 

I just accepted that I experienced pain on a daily basis. When I went through a particularly hectic period at work, I suddenly knew I had to change something. I was ready to take that FIRST step to start my at-home wellness routine!  

During stressful times, it is even more important to take a moment to reassess our health habits and at-home wellness can be the perfect solution. 

After much research, I developed an at-home wellness routine to reset my health. With the help of these changes, I was finally able to overcome my health issues.

I started sharing my success story and realized others are experiencing similar health issues!

Many people asked me to write up my wellness routine in order to share it with their friends and help more people. I started adding lifestyle hacks, recipes, and workout videos. Eventually, my 21-day Journey to Wellness program was born! The program creates long-term lifestyle changes to help you get more sleep, have more energy, and feel more confident in your own skin.

Benefits of At-Home Wellness

An at-home wellness program has several amazing benefits:

Save time, money & go green!

By creating your at-home wellness routine, you can save time & money you used to spend on commuting, going to Juice bars or gym memberships! At the same time, an at-home wellness routine aids you to go green by cutting down on emissions, waste, and natural resources!

Learn new skills

I never thought I would enjoy yoga! Yet, I incorporate it now into my daily at-home wellness routine. It is great to branch out and expand horizons to learn new skills or brush up on habits.

Become Part of a Community

Who says that you have to leave your home to meet fun & active people? My at-home wellness program includes Zoom, Video, and Social media! 

Simplify your Life

Clutter and disorganization can create barriers to seeing what you want to achieve in your life. My program provides tips on how to remove the clutter and stay organized to allow you get started with at-home wellness.

Long-Term Lifestyle Changes

Have you tried diets or trendy workouts that led to body weights fluctuations? This is called the “Yo-Yo Effect” and not sustainable in the long run. An at-home wellness program establishes powerful long-term lifestyle changes to reach your goal weight!

Small Changes Lead to Big Results

As a full-time working mom, I understand the importance of being organized to manage a busy schedule. In my experience, taking care of yourself frees up your mind to focus on areas of growth instead of living in distraction.

For example, how about adding calf-raises while brushing your teeth or cooking at the stove? I call these simple changes “health hacks.” My wellness program is full of health hacks. Overall, this is the magic of small movements that lead to big results!

For more ideas, you can check out my website and look for me on IG @detoxwithoil.

Contact me with any questions. I would love to hear from you!

About the Author

In her business, Detox with Oil, Christiane empowers others with cutting edge information to transform their wellness. Based on her personal journey and her knowledge gained in her academic studies, Christiane learned how to overcome her digestive issues. She developed her signature 21-day Journey to Wellness program where she shares her favorite health hacks for food, fitness, and lifestyle.

Christiane is full-time working mom and works as a professor, teaching marketing classes and conducting research on food labeling. In her leisure time, she loves to travel with her family and appreciates the beautiful outdoors of the Central Coast of California.

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