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The Green Ride: All You Need To Know About E-bikes

Electric bikes are quite an underappreciated item in the alternative transportation section. It was a very promising alternative on the topic of sustainable transportation. However, the call for sustainability did not catapult it to its current fame. It was due to the pandemic that it rose to the top of most people’s to-buy lists. Ever since health protocols encouraged social distancing and avoiding crowded areas, public transit became almost impossible.

Now, for people who can’t drive for various reasons, or can’t afford a car instantly, electric bikes became the next big thing.

Electric bikes, also called e-bikes, are basically bicycles that are integrated with an electric motor. This electric motor helps greatly with thrust power to make the pedaling less tedious for the rider. There are many electric bikes available in the market today, and each offers different features, and functions.

E-bikes are starting to be the rave all over the world especially during the pandemic. However, experts don’t see its use dying down in the years to come, even following the pandemic. As the technology matures and develops, these e-bikes will only get better and better in time.

Still torn on whether to get an e-bike for yourself? Here are some frequently asked questions to help you decide.

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Are Electric Bikes Good for the Environment?

Yes, electric bikes are considered a sustainable alternative for transportation. They are considered zero-emission vehicles due to the nature of their function. While the manufacture of e-bikes has a degree of an environmental impact, it is considered relatively low compared to that of automobiles.

This minimal environmental impact is due to the bike’s batteries. The manufacturing process of these batteries as well as their disposal is identified to be the main concern. Professionals have since focused on this concern and have seen great potential in improving on this aspect.

E-bikes have a small battery and this factor gives them great potential for charging using renewable sources like solar power. This makes e-bikes safer than electric cars that have larger battery packs. Numerous companies have already developed ways to power e-bikes via solar power. There are numerous facilities, like solar parking lots, all over the world that encourage this as well.

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How Does an Electric Bike Work?

Here’s the general idea, the most basic electric bike functions similarly to the traditional bike. You still do the pedaling and controlling your speed with your feet. Here’s the difference however, electric bikes have a battery-powered electric motor that assists via the said pedal. This helps provide a boost, especially when riding on hills and terrains.

Different electric bikes work in different ways as well. Since the extra features vary, the manipulation can vary to some point too. The amount of assistance you get also depends on the setting you input into the bike. More advanced units have extra modes that even include a no-pedal mode.

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How Fast Can E-bikes Go?

Surely not as fast as motorcycles go, however the assisted boost can help thrust you to 28 miles per hour. As previously established, this speed is also reliant on the setting its rider chooses. Most e-bikes offer boost options that range from eco or low to turbo or high.

Are Electric Bikes Suitable for Kids?

Manufacturers have deemed e-bikes safe for kids, and some have even released dedicated models for kids. Although, this is not very common all over the world.

Electric bikes are considered usable for all age groups. However, just the same way with traditional bicycles, adults must exert caution when allowing kids to ride by themselves. This is especially for younger age groups such as those aging 14 years and younger.

When shopping for e-bikes for kids, it is important to consider the bike frame size and its brake system efficiency. Taking these factors into consideration upon purchase helps in making the activity safer for the kids.

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What Is a Cargo E-bike?

Take it from its name. It’s an e-bike that can carry extra cargo.

Cargo e-bikes come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as load limits. The bike’s frame includes a built-in storage that can be used for the safe transport of personal or business-related goods. Some e-bikes even include small seatbelts since they can accommodate child passengers too.

Buyers can choose from either a front-loader or back-loader bike. Whatever the choice, it is important to know that cargo e-bikes are harder to ride and maneuver due to the extra weight. This will require more skill and balance. 

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Why Are Electric Bikes so Expensive?

It’s the additional components that make e-bikes so much more expensive than conventional bicycles.

These bikes were engineered to assist the bicycle ride without taking away the essence of cycling. This smart mechanism is thanks to a number of motorized components like the motor and the battery. The more extra features included in the unit, the the higher price as well.

Other than the motorized features, care and maintenance can contribute to this price tag. Battery replacement and charging accessories are other factors that add to the cost. These factors only seem to burn the budget when seen up close. Looking far forward, owning an e-bike promises so much more savings on top of its numerous health benefits. It is important to understand that whether or not the e-bike performs as much as it is worth, boils down to how you handle and care for your unit.

Another tip, if you’re going to invest on an e-bike, might as well avoid going cheap. They may not be worth it purchases when it comes to longevity and performance.

In our quest for sustainable living, e-bikes are a very important piece to this green lifestyle puzzle. Surely it is different from accustomed. And of course, its practice will take a lot of getting used to. But, isn’t this what sustainability is all about? Sacrificing small conveniences today, for the sake of others and the world.

Make this one of your sustainable goals. You are a step closer to sustainable living. Dare to greenify!

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