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Eco-friendly Christmas

It is safe to say that the majority of the Earth’s population loves the season of Christmas. However, as much as it is cheery, the Christmas season is also the season for increased energy use, excess trash, and food waste. Christmas doesn’t always have to be that way. Especially in a time when the world needs collective change from all of us, it’s about time we turn green for Christmas.

But how?

There are many ways to do this, more than you can imagine! From your Christmas decors and your food plan to your choice of gifts and gift wrappers, the alternatives are endless!

This season of joy and positivity is the best season to change our ways.

How Can We Be Eco-friendly at Christmas?

It is important to remember that greener Christmas alternatives focus on what’s reusable or uses lesser energy.

The Christmas season is also the time of increased purchases and peak consumption. So, the challenge to celebrate in an eco-friendly alternative is the best call.

There are many ways to be eco-friendly this Christmas. However, there are major aspects of this year’s celebration that I’d like to focus on, in this blog. Here are some of these aspects:

  1. Your Christmas tree
  2. Your gift choices
  3. Your food plan
  4. Your Christmas outfit

What Is the Most Eco-friendly Christmas Tree?

Real Christmas trees are sustainable, but there is an even better option. It has been a new trend in numerous countries to offer Christmas tree rentals. This may just be taking sustainability a step further.

This trend begins with live trees being rented out by family farms. The people who rent those trees are responsible for decorating and caring for the tree throughout the rental period. Upon return, these trees will be replanted, awaiting their next use. 

If tree rentals are not yet a thing in your area, consider choosing real trees over their plastic counterparts. Real trees are the eco-friendlier choice.

If yet again, real trees are not within your range of choices and plastic trees are the easy way to go, consider reusing your plastic tree. In fact, the continuous reuse of these plastic years for over 20 years can still be considered sustainable. If there are facilities that offer to recycle these plastic trees, then drop them off instead of throwing them away.

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What Can I Put Up Instead of a Christmas Tree?

Indoor plants may just be the best alternative to Christmas trees.

Christmas trees are a holiday staple. However, you can always diverge from tradition and utilize cheaper yet eco-friendly alternatives. Indoor plants are a wise alternative as they may just be in your own garden. Also, they are considered very environmental. Simply choose your plant, pot them and hang some Christmas decors the same way you would a tree, and you got yourself a cheap and sustainable DIY tree! You can stay consistent with this plant theme and use plants to grace your centerpiece, your entranceway, your fireplace, and other areas for decorating in your house.

Here are some plants that are best for the season!

  • Poinsettias
  • Lemon Cypress
  • Norfolk Island Pine
  • Cedar plant

What Are Some Eco-friendly Gift Ideas?

The best eco-friendly gifts are not only environmentally safe but are also very much useful to their recipients. With this said, it is also important to ask the question “will this gift be of actual use?”

After the Christmas season, trash and accumulated trinkets are a common storage horror. Most of these are Christmas gifts received and left unused. Because we so much look into budget-friendly gift options, we forget considering its utility or value-adding factors.

Prioritizing both utility and eco-friendliness is not so hard. Here are some good gift ideas for you!

  • Seed Gifts – With this gift, you are not only giving the person a fun planting experience but also, the good feeling of participating in the worthwhile cause of sustainability and environmental protection.
  • Plant Gifts – Similar to seed gifts, plants are foolproof gift choices. If you intend to give it to a person with a busy lifestyle, consider succulents instead. They require lesser care but are eye-refreshing all the same. Pot them creatively and according to your recipient’s style. This adds a more sentimental touch to your gift.
  • Reusable straws, tumblers, and other utensils – Encourage sustainable eating practices with these adorable gifts. There are a lot of sustainable brands out there!

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  • Reusable market bag – This gift idea is just so chic that your giftee might find it irresistible not to use! It also encourages the use of reusable bags for shopping trips.

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Consider wrapping your gifts in recycled wrapping paper, or better, with newspaper! Doing this will not only be good for the environment but will make your gift stand out as well. There’s no better way to match your sustainable gift with a sustainable method of packaging.

Other Eco-friendly Tips

Other eco-friendly tips include planning your Christmas meal efficiently and dressing up sustainably.

  • Christmas is a festive season and the norm is to celebrate by preparing a bountiful variety of dishes. While this is customary, the whole world has seen an increase in food waste during this season. With this, it is important to control the serving size and variety of your food, proportionate to those who would be sharing the meal. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the joyous atmosphere, so make sure to prepare the meal plan in advance and stick to it. Prepare one dish per category too (vegetable dish, meat dish, etc.).               
  • Other than breaking the custom on food, you must also consider changing your fashion tradition. Contrary to common practice, you don’t really need a brand-new Christmas outfit. Rummage deep into your closet and you will probably discover a good assemblage.

If you’re attending a special Christmas party and feel like you want to treat yourself to a fancy outfit, then by all means do so. Just know that you don’t need to and that you always have the choice to go the greener route. People probably won’t notice how your outfit is fresh from the closet. The Christmas spirit is too joyous for that kind of negativity.

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Celebrate Christmas differently this year! Give yourself, others, and the planet the gift of sustainability, and see how much value this adds to your Christmas celebration!



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