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Why Can’t Sustainable Living Be More Affordable?

At Green n White, we’re committed to solving the ethical dilemmas of modern shopping by providing easy and affordable access to a wide range of sustainable home essentials.  Supermarket shelves grant us too much choice, and offer no guarantee of honesty in the labelling process. Even those products which are correctly labelled are often prohibitively expensive. Perhaps most importantly, we are all busy people. The prospect of undertaking hours of research before nipping down to the shop is at best daunting, and at worst outright ridiculous.

Living an eco-friendly life

We believe that living an eco-friendly life shouldn’t be a privilege reserved for those with ample time and money. That’s why we’re looking to make navigating the world as a sustainable consumer both convenient and affordable. Our membership service provides you with a one-stop-shop for top-quality, environmentally-friendly home essentials – from shampoo, to toilet cleaner, to laundry detergent – allowing you to stock up your entire home in a single click. Most importantly, our goods are sold at no profit: we take only a modest membership fee, allowing us to offer markedly lower prices than can be found in the supermarket. Factoring in the cost of membership, Green n White members can expect to spend around £881 per year on their sustainable home essentials: compared to £1942 for premium eco-brands, and £1078 for so-called ‘affordable’ alternatives. As if this weren’t enough, the first month of membership is free, allowing you to purchase and test our products before committing to a paid membership. It really is a great deal (if we do say so ourselves).

Reducing our carbon footprint

The climate crisis involves a paradox: people represent both the illness and the remedy. We’re seeking to build a community which strives to become a part of the solution. And like all good relationships – but unlike all good packaging – this process begins with transparency. We pride ourselves on being absolutely open with respect to our supply chain: all stages of our network – from product, to packaging, to shipping – are made public in easily accessible detail. The vast majority of our packaging and product – with singular exception of our closures – is manufactured in the UK, which greatly reduces our carbon footprint. Even more importantly, we cut out at least three links in the conventional supermarket supply chain – which ships from manufacturer, to brand, to distributor and then onto a retailer – by sending our products straight from manufacturer to customer. In doing so, we drastically decrease the travel time of our products. And whilst we have great faith in our present methods, they are not set in stone: we encourage critical assessment of our methods, and welcome your feedback. For us, building a sustainable community will never be a one-way street.

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