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How to find a supplier for zero waste products wholesale!

If you’re about to start a new eco-friendly business, you’re probably feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the choices that need to be made.

What do I stock in my store? How do I find trustworthy suppliers? Which products will sell and which ones won’t?

Don’t worry, help is on the way!

Here is one sure fire way to find reliable suppliers and products that sell (and that customers like).

You’ve probably heard of it before! It’s called Etsy!

The great thing about Etsy is that the majority of the products sold on the platform are made by responsible, eco-friendly suppliers and manufacturers. And, because it’s a leading e-commerce platform, it’s super easy to browse and get new, innovative product ideas!

Is Etsy for Eco Wholesale Too?

Not exactly. Etsy is an e-commerce platform like Amazon or eBay. The big difference is that Etsy treats it’s sellers with respect and does encourage them to offer wholesale options outside of Etsy’s platform. How do I know this?

Check any Etsy seller’s storefront page and scroll right down to the bottom. There are some basic Q and A’s about returns, delivery speeds etc. and somewhere amongst them is a question that reads “Does this store offer wholesale?”

How Do I Find Good Eco Suppliers on Etsy?

1. Nail down the product that you’re looking for

The easiest way to find good suppliers is to start with the product that you’re trying to source. Let’s say that you’re looking for a range of safety razors for women. The first thing you’re going to do is type in that exact phrase “safety razors for women”.

2. Choose the product

Once you’ve typed in your key search term, you’ll see a range of options from a host of different companies.

**Be sure to ignore the first row, these are all advertisements**

Scroll down to the second, third and fourth row. These are normally Etsy’s best sellers for that particular term. If the product sells well on Etsy then it’s likely to sell well in shops or other websites.

Next, click on a product that you like the look of. You should look for appealing photos, a high star rating and a high number of reviews.

3. Analyse the product

There are a number of ways that you can analyse a product that’s sold on Etsy. This is why Etsy is such an amazing tool for helping retailers find successful products.

Let’s take a look at this product from Jungle Culture.

The first thing that we can see is the “Bestseller” label below the product name. If you hover above the label, an additional box appears which tells you that this particular product has had a high sales’ volume over the last 6 months.

Next, let’s take a look above the product name. We can see the total amount of sales for the store and the average star rating. This is also valuable information when making a buying decision.

4. Evaluating the seller

Once you’ve found a nice product, the next step is to check whether the seller is right for you.

Click through to their storefront.

Here we receive even more info that helps inform us as buyers.

We can see a number of different things:

1. Favourite shop – The higher the number, the more people repeat purchase or save this shop.

2. Buyers are raving – If the seller has this it means that customers not only purchase, but they’re happy with their purchase.

3. Location – This may be important if you’re looking for a local seller

4. Other products – You may be looking for one thing, but end up finding another. Jungle Culture sells coconut bowls, bamboo cutlery sets and more as well as safety razors!

Now, if you’re happy that you’ve found the product or brand for your store, the next step is to send them a message.

You can do this via Etsy or visit them at their website.

Hopefully, this blog helps give you some ideas on how to source zero waste products for your store!

Have a great day!

Jungle Team

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