Compostable Mailers: Creating an Eco-conscious Way of E-shopping

Online shopping has been a growing trend since years ago. However, we saw a bigger surge in e-commerce especially during the lockdowns due to the COVID-19 virus because it’s a convenient, low-risk way to shop. While it has provided the convenience we need during this detrimental time, with the change in this shopping behavior alone, it’s hardly surprising how plastic packaging and shipping mailers are piling up in our homes and subsequently, landfills and oceans. It is becoming a real issue where estimates show that plastic packaging waste is projected to increase by as much as 300% due to our increased consumption. More and more businesses are desperately looking for more eco-friendly packaging to reduce their carbon footprints.

Becoming Environmentally-conscious with Our Online Shopping

For both the businesses and consumers, we have our roles to play in this battle to fight plastic pollution. The good news is, it might not be that difficult after all.

As consumers, we have several ways to become more responsible e-shoppers. First, we could reuse the plastic packaging we get from our deliveries. This is not only limited to the plastic mailer itself, but also the fillers and bubble wrap that comes with it could be reused. Reusing plastic packaging may not be a new idea, but it is something to be reiterated and be reminded about. Secondly, let’s try to consolidate all our orders in one cart. This is to avoid multiple packaging and transporting which leads to a higher carbon footprint. Lastly, we could support businesses that observe eco-friendly practices especially those who use sustainable packaging.

For businesses, we could use sustainable alternative packaging material such as compostable mailers. This not only helps the environment but also inspires and educates people that there are alternatives out there that are gentle to the environment.

An Alternative to Plastic Mailers Is Here!

First things first. What are compostable mailers? How is it different from plastic mailers? Compostable mailers are a sustainable alternative to plastic mailers. Plastic mailers take over 400 years or more to break down that usually end up in landfills, oceans, adding up to plastic pollution.
But with compostable mailers, they break down in approximately 3-6 months in a home or industrial compost. Users can see the product breakdown right in their home-compost bins and turn into “black gold” which enhances the soil while providing nutrients. This is because it is made of modified cornstarch and PBAT. PBAT is a binder that degrades rapidly and allows the mailer to be home compostable.

Eco-friendly packaging materials such as compostable mailers offer a lot of benefits. Among the benefits are:
• It reduces waste.
• They are made from biodegradable materials.
• It maximizes the use of renewable energy during production.
• It is safe for consumers and to the environment throughout its lifecycle.
• It meets the cost and performance requirements.

In addition to all the benefits that eco-friendly packaging brings, compostable mailers are strong, durable, and waterproof like plastic mailers but evidently, far more better for the environment.

minliving – a Sustainable Brand That Found Another Way in How We Do Shipping

After seeing the problem with using plastic mailers and how it contributes to plastic pollution, Doris and Sean, set out a journey to find an alternative packaging material that’s gentle to the environment. They were able to find compostable mailers and immediately used it for their business.
They were so happy with what they discovered that the minliving brand was born. In the pursuit of encouraging people to make a sustainable swap to compostable mailers, they decided to offer the compostable mailers under minliving. Currently, they offer compostable mailers in two sizes – small (6” x 9”) and medium (10” x 13”). minliving Compostable mailers also come with two resealable adhesives so users can reuse the mailers before composting it. They are also coming up with new fun colors that are still 100% compostable.

Businesses Are Using It and They Are Happy With It!

minliving only launched during the last quarter of 2020 but they already amassed satisfied customers, who are mostly businesses, that use the compostable mailers when sending out parcels. They themselves saw how strong and durable the compostable mailers are with the added benefit of reducing plastic pollution.

Doris, one of the founders of minliving says, “I am very grateful for all the positive feedback given by our customers especially when they told us how surprised and happy their own customers were upon receiving parcels in the compostable mailers.” This proves how much people care for the environment. In fact, in the U.S., 61% of consumers want to support companies that protect the environment. In the UK, 56% of consumers want to support eco-friendly companies. This statistic shows how consumers are willing to make a change if businesses use sustainable packaging.

Thinking About Switching To Compostable Mailers?

Creating changes in your business can be a daunting task but following more sustainable practices and investing in the future of our planet is something we shouldn’t ignore. Bring long-term benefits to your business and inspire others to do the same by making this sustainable swap. Why not switch to minliving compostable mailers today and join us in protecting
the environment?

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