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Is Plant-based Meat Healthier than Regular Meat?

As many experts say, plant-based meats are healthier because they have lesser saturated fat than regular meat, more fiber, and a similar amount of protein and calories.

Is plant-based meat healthier than regular meat? Some of you have probably asked this question yourself too.

As someone who advocates a greenify lifestyle, I ensure that my family lives a healthy and sustainable life while promoting environmental health.

Since animal meat leaves an environmental impact, I tried using plant-based meat as a substitute. Surprisingly, plant-based meats are good, eco-friendly, and much healthier compared to regular meat.

Even though it’s a bit pricier, plant-based meat is still worth the try in incorporating into your green diet.

Join Project Greenify today as we tackle more about his long-term plant-based vs. regular meat debate.

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Why is Plant-based Meat Healthier than Regular Meat?

According to experts, plant-based meats have a lesser amount of saturated fats, a higher amount of fiber, and a similar amount of protein and calories.

We all know that eating foods high in saturated fats can lead to high cholesterol and increase our risk of getting a chronic illness. Since plant-based meats are low in saturated fats, it makes them healthier than regular meat.

The amount of fiber found in plant-based meats also helps reduce the risk of getting breast, colon, and other digestive-related cancers.

Plant-based Meat with Too Much Salt and Sugar

But please be aware of the fact that plant-based meat can also contain too much salt and sugar and are therefore less healthy than you probably think!

According to the Dutch Nutrition center healthy meat substitutes should contain the following ingredients:

Not too much saturated fat: <2,5 g / 100 g

Not too much salt: <1,1 g / 100 g

No added sugar.

Sufficient iron: >0,8 mg / 100 g

Sufficient B12: >0,24 mcg / 100 g and / or

Sufficient B1: >0.06 mg / 100 g

Sufficient protein: > 20 % of energy value.

Why is Plant-based Meat Pricier?

Plant-based meats are specially-made and contain crops and spices, unlike regular meat that is being mass-produced. Thus, making it more expensive.

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What Are Healthy Substitutes for Meat?

Plant-based meat is not our only source of green protein. Other vegetarian foods are not only rich in protein but are also wholesome for the heart.

Here are some healthy substitutes for meat proteins:

Eggs – a good source of protein, B12, vitamin D and are also low in saturated fats.

Dairy Products – are a great source of protein. It also contains calcium that is good for our bones.

Fish – Whitefish has low-fat protein and oily fish, has omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A and D.

Soy Beans – are considered a complete protein, equal to the quality of meat protein. It is also low in fat and contains fiber and iron.

Quinoa – a good protein food. It holds all the essential amino acids found in meat protein. It is also a good substitute for rice and pasta.

Quorn – is another complete protein. It is naturally low in saturated fats and contains fiber.

What do you think? Are you convinced that plant-based meat is healthier than regular meat? Share your thoughts.

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