Our Instagram account, @rerere_withme started off at the beginning of 2021. My mom, Aarti, and I (Uma) had been wanting to amplify our message of making a sustainable lifestyle for the planet accessible and easy. So, @rerere_withme was born, its name means to REuse, REduce and REcycle with me!

Today, climate change is a HUGE global crisis! Our planet’s water and air is polluted, animals are dying and the global average temperature is increasing, resulting in increased natural disasters which are taking the lives of many people, animals, and plants every year. On top of that, humans continue to destroy the habitats of animals resulting in the extinction of 1000’s of species every year. 

We NEED individuals, businesses, and governments to take climate change more seriously and implement change! But, we can not wait any longer, so we believe that if EVERYBODY makes simple and easy changes to their lifestyle we can take steps to combat climate change and ultimately make the world a better place so that all species on Earth can thrive together.

Sustainable or low waste living doesn’t have to be overwhelming or difficult, making small changes such as using a reusable water bottle, eating one plant-based meal a day, thrifting clothes or even just saying no to single-use plastic makes a huge difference! And, always make sure to educate yourself and others about the climate crisis! There is always more to learn about and more ways to help, nobody will ever be perfect but we must strive to do everything we can to protect our planet!
We hope you would like to join us on our journey to low waste and sustainable living!

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We hope to see you on Instagram,Uma & Aarti 

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