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Change is overwhelming.

This is probably why a lot of new year’s resolutions remain unchecked, discontinued, and eventually forgotten. Then, around the last days of the year, a new set of new year’s resolutions are made and the same cycle continues.

Goals like being more active, going vegan, and decluttering to be a minimalist are very common new year’s resolution items. While these things begin with a very positive intention, only a few people remain consistent in working towards these goals.

It is time to cut this time-consuming cycle. And if we’re actually doing this, why not do it with a worthwhile change?

So, here we are, challenging you to do a lifestyle change. One that we’d like to believe as the best one there is—to live more sustainably.

Our goal? To have you on board.

Defining a “Sustainable Lifestyle”

Sustainable living means making everyday decisions with the intention of reducing your ecological footprint (the measure of one’s consumption of natural resources and generation of waste against the rate by which the earth absorbs that waste and regenerates). Making these mindful choices include simple matters like food, clothing, transportation, other purchases, and a lot of your everyday activities.

Incorporating sustainability into your lifestyle begins in a deeper understanding of the impact of your choices to the greater scheme of things. And so, transitioning into this change requires one to do away with the drop-in-the-bucket-mindset and instead, replacing it by believing in the ripple effect wherein you cast the first stone. When you start seeing yourself as a catalyst for change, you take in a sense of responsibility and accountability for your actions and its consequences thereof.

Choosing a more sustainable life does not only benefit you, but it benefits others, the environment, and even goes as far as benefitting future generations as well. Has there been a setup more win-win than this?

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The Benefits of a Sustainable Lifestyle

As earlier mentioned, sustainable living proves beneficial in many ways. But to simplify, there are two major benefactors that we would like to identify—others and you.

Firstly, “others” cover the environment, everyone else on this planet, and the future populations as well.

Yes, that much.

Reducing your ecological footprint means helping preserve the earth’s resources. There is an occurrence called a global ecological overshoot where the global annual demand for resources exceed what the earth can regenerate in a span of a year. Simply put, the current population is overusing earth’s resources. In fact, it has been doing so as early as the 1970’s. This raises the concern that not enough resources may be available for the use of other populations and more likely, for the use of future generations.

Second, it benefits you. Transitioning to a green lifestyle allows for more inexpensive alternatives for clothing and transportation, and allows long-term savings as well. Sustainable diet choices lead to a healthier menu plan. Simplifying living arrangements declutters numerous aspects of your daily life. And overall, taking charge of your life in a meaningful way is a great sense of accomplishment. The benefits all pile up!

Again, we can’t stress it enough, it’s a win-win situation.

We Don’t Aim to Motivate You

There is a catch, however. At this point in your reading, some of you may already be motivated to take on this challenge. However, as a matter of fact, motivation is momentary and comes in bouts, without assurance of consistency and longevity. So, this blog does not aim to motivate you, and we’d like to make that clear as early as now. What we want is to have you committed. Commitment allows you to choose living out this change every day, even on the days when you don’t quite feel like it.

We know, commitment is a BIG word. And probably a lot of you have a fear of it. So, we would like to set the tone for you. We will approach this lifestyle change in bite-sized pieces. We will make sure to take baby steps forward, easing our way into this lifestyle change.

The reason people fail at committing to change is that they go all-in and end up overwhelming themselves early on into the process. We have acknowledged this fact and will always work towards making this easier, while always taking a step forward. This is guided by the belief that it is not about the pace after all, but the direction in which you go.

Greenify With Us!

Moving forward, in this blog, we will be discussing a vast array of topics all geared towards incorporating sustainability into our everyday lives. Moreover, we will be launching month-long challenges and other stuff to keep you all engaged. This journey doesn’t have to be boring right? Most of all, we will be doing this together; achieving our sustainable goals as a community.

As we welcome you into this journey, we would also like to introduce to you, Project Greenify, a fun little way we decided to name this series.

Project Greenify is very close to our hearts and we sincerely wish to have you on board and part of this online community.

We hope to connect with you in the weeks to follow!


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