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Is Pet Food Sustainable?

Most pet food you see in your supermarket contains human-grade ingredients that has a negative impact on our environment. Read this greenify post to know what’s best for your pet and our planet!

Having pets like dogs or cats as our companions, helps us reduce stress and boost our happiness. That’s why most of us consider them as a member of our family. And as part of our family, we also want what’s best for our fur babies; especially when it comes to their foods.

But do you know if those foods are sustainable and healthy? Do the foods you give to your pets give them enough nutrients that they need?

Most pet foods you see in your supermarket contain human-grade ingredients that are harmful to our environment. Not to mention that those foods are not necessarily what your pets need.

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What Are the Environmental Impacts of Pet Food?

Pets also have their carbon footprint and the biggest contributing factor of that is the food they eat.

Most human-grade pet food contains about 20 to 60 percent protein. It does not only compete with the food consumption of humans but also adds up to food waste. And since meat production requires more energy, this also increases our ecological footprint. 

No matter how appealing human-grade pet food sounds, it is not necessarily good for your pets.

Feeding pet food made with by-products to your pets is more sustainable and is healthier. It also has a less environmental impact.

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What Are Sustainable Pet Food Ingredients?

As mentioned above, by-products (both meat, fish, and poultry) are sustainable and healthier. It uses every part of slaughtered animals that are not consumed by humans. These ingredients are also a good source of nutrients that your pets will enjoy.

Insect protein and algae protein are also good sources of protein that your pets will love. Some pet food brands already use these in their products so it’s best to check on their labels for these sustainable ingredients.

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Which Fruits and Vegetables Are Safe for Your Pets?

Aside from meats, poultries, and fish, you can also include fruits and vegetables in your pet’s diet. These foods are also a good source of nutrients that your fur babies need.

But you should keep in mind that not all human foods are good for your them.

I’ve prepared a shortlist of budget-friendly foods you can give to your pets.

For Dogs:

    1. Apples

    2. Bananas

    3. Blueberries

    4. Broccoli

    5. Brussel Sprouts

    6. Cantaloupe

    7. Carrots

    8. Celery

    9. Cucumbers

    10. Green beans

    11. Mango

    12. Oranges

    13. Peaches

    14. Pears

    15. Boiled Potatoes

For Cats:

    1. Steamed Asparagus

    2. Baked/Steamed carrots

    3. Bananas

  4. Blueberries

    5. Cooked winter squash

    6. Steamed Green beans or Broccoli

    7. Melon

    8. Peas

    9. Pumpkin

    10. Spinach

These fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients your pets need. It also has a more sustainable approach and is eco-friendly too. Understanding all these things is not only beneficial for your wallet, but it will also ensure the health of your pets and the impact on the environment.

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