The Restored Dogwood

The Restored Dogwood is an eco-conscious furniture refinishing business run by a husband and wife team, and our two young boys who are along for the ride. We are dedicated to helping people style their homes in a sustainable, eco-friendly manner while supporting local and small businesses. We are merging sustainability and furniture refinishing, and while vintage furniture is our jam, but we’ll renew any kind of piece, old or not.  

The Restored Dogwood was born in September 2020 as a side business and creative outlet during stressful times. We realized how much fun furniture painting is, and how often used furniture is sent to the landfill because people don’t like the style. We saw a business opportunity to create something new from furniture that is outdated, but still has years of life. While we’re far from perfect, being conscious of our choices and our impact on the environment is a part of our lives, so we knew we had to incorporate our sustainable living aspirations into our business. 

Not Always Green

Refinishing furniture is inherently sustainable; fixing or improving an existing piece, rather than buying new, is obviously a more sustainable option. But the furniture refinishing process is traditionally heavy on chemicals. Painting and staining used furniture are better than buying mass-produced furniture, but if the refinishing products are harmful themselves, that may be doing more harm than good to the environment. And, it’s all too easy to complete a quick furniture flip and purchase hardware, drawer liners, and other embellishments from retailers that are not planet conscious. 

A New Kind of Refinishing

So, how are we bringing together sustainability + furniture refinishing?  Our entire refinishing process – prep, paint, and seal – is completed with eco-friendly products. First, we find furniture pieces that still have a lot of life, but may have an outdated or undesired aesthetic. Sometimes we purchase used furniture to sell, but we also enjoy working with clients to renew their existing furniture.  

We look for paint companies whose products are effective, AND are safe for people and the planet. In the future, we are looking forward to creating video tutorials to teach people about the products we use and where to purchase them. Whenever possible we source paint, hardware, and embellishments from small businesses, both online and traditional brick, and mortar.


Inspiring Change

Through providing refinishing services and eco-friendly design inspiration, we hope to encourage more people to design their homes sustainably. And, we strive to increase awareness among furniture refinishers and encourage everyone to be mindful of the products they use throughout the creative process. Inspiring change through our creations and actions is a lofty goal, but we’re up for the challenge! 


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