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My name is Xenia, or, as I call myself, SustainaXenia. I’m a sustainability blogger on instagram with a Master’s in Development Studies.
I also have a YouTube channel where I make videos about sustainability, zero waste, minimalism & mental health.

I am often asked how I got to live a sustainable lifestyle. I started in 2013 by moving to a different country and decluttering a lot of stuff I had. Then, during my Master’s in 2015, I learned a lot about climate change and sustainable development. In 2017, I got really interested in zero waste and also tried to switching to vegan, cruelty free beauty & make-up. I quit fast fashion in 2018 and became a vegetarian in 2019.

I still have a lot room to improve, and I’m not claiming to be perfect. In 2021, I want to concentrate on sustainable finance, activism and raising awareness using the social media platforms available to me.

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Instagram: @sustainaxenia

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